Trump favors people coming to US through merit-based system

Trump favors people coming to US through merit-based system

US president said he is willing to take people inside who come in US through merit not crossing the borders illegally

“I want people to come into our country because our country is doing so well. We have companies moving into our country at numbers that nobody has seen in a long time. We need workers. So, I want people to come in. They have to come in through the merit system though,” Trump told reporters at the White House during a luncheon with members of the Congress.

Indian-Americans, most of whom are highly skilled and came to the US mainly on H-1B work visas, are the worst sufferers of the current immigration system which imposes a seven per cent per country quota on allotment of green cards or permanent legal residency.

In Wisconsin, he said Foxconn, one of the great companies of the world, is setting up a manufacturing base.

They make the laptop for Apple, and iPhones, a lot of it. And they’re building a tremendous plant right now in Wisconsin. They need workers. I have to let people come in. But they have to come in through a merit. They have to be people that can love our country and help our country,” Trump said.

If you look at the European Union, they’re meeting right now to toughen up their immigration policies because they’ve been overrun. They have been overrun. Frankly, a lot of those countries are not the same places anymore. I’m sad to say it, and I said that at the G7: They are not the same places,” he said.

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