After triple talaq, Centre targets nikah halala and polygamy

After triple talaq, Centre targets nikah halala and polygamy

The center after evading the evils of triple talaq is now focused on to “nikah halala”. The center wants them to remove the long practiced evil in the Muslim society known as nikah halal. Center wish to declare this practice as unconstitutional.

Nikah halala is a practice in which forbids a divorced couple from remarrying until the women marry another man and then get divorced again only then a remarriage can happen. This practice of nikah halala is to consider retrograde and anti-women by women activist. Women activist have also signed a petition regarding this topic

The supreme court has agreed on this petition and has forwarded it to the center and the law ministry. The Supreme court had also directed the Centre to respond to the plea seeking to declare the provisions of Muslim Personal Law (Shariat) which validate the practice of polygamy and nikah halala as unconstitutional.

The Bhartiya Muslim Mahila Andolan(BMMA) has also signed the petition and is ready to contribute towards the cause. Zakia Soman of BMMA said “We are seeking a comprehensive law regulating all aspects of marriage and family by a Quranic-based law that complies with the Constitution too. We want halala to be a criminal offense and polygamy to be illegal. We believe the Quran doesn’t permit polygamy in today’s context. We are seeking legal protection like that for Hindu and Christian women.”

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