Local Indian art craft market

Local Indian art craft market

India a place for art you will see art on any corner. The best part of Indian art and craft is that it is useful art can be used as daily product like earthen pots, hand bags and various other things. Indian has rich and old culture of art it is evident in the old sculptures. The Indian tourist destination is majorly historic buildings. The new industry designs are continuously made with fusion of contemporary and Indian art

The design of Indian arena can be seen in the clothing, home furnishing, jeweler. Products such as table mats, napkins, bed sheets, lamp shades etc are made out astoundingly with the use of natural material, textile printing, block printing, tie and die, hand printing etc,are always in high demand in the international and national market. Popular export garments are table mats , napkins and bed sheets. Making a large volume of market.

The Indian craft goods market in Indian is 7 billions usd and internationally 103 billions usd .But in recent times the trend is changing. There is the threat to the market like high domestic competition, high demand and supply, trade rules in different countries International competition

In all the market is on rise and it is rich but recently have started facing the threats with the comition

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