Former Police Commissioner launches book ‘Success Unlimited’

Former Police Commissioner launches book ‘Success Unlimited’R.D. Tyagi, former Police Commissioner, launched his book Success Unlimited in Mumbai on Friday, June15

Tyagi’s book highlights the importance of spiritual power and will show the reader how to purify one’s thoughts and consciousness. The book comprehensively defines success and its parameters.


With this launch he also shared his personal life experience. Which were of great motivation and great inspiration for others.


This book highlights the prospects of life and how to live life with the diffficulties


He said, “The various principles towards success have been experienced by me and I thought of sharing my experiences with the youth of our country. This was the major reason, which motivated me to pen down all my thoughts on this topic.”


The author added, “The success principles and ideas given in the book are inspired by the thoughts of Dr D.Y Patil.”


R.D. Tyagi has taken to spirituality and meditation after his retirement and has published various books including Happiness Unlimited and Yoga: The way to Divine Bliss.

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