Gandhi a person not to trust

Gandhi a person not to trust

1 He considered about his reputation

Gandhi was more considered about his reputation than He was about the country. He went to Africa just to build his reputation among Africans Then, later on, came to India when he saw potential in India

2 Prostitution was a part of Gandhi lifestyle

it was no secret that Mohandas Gandhi had an unusual sex life. He spoke constantly of sex and gave detailed, often provocative, instructions to his followers as to how to they might best observe chastity. And his views were not always popular; “abnormal and unnatural” was how the first Prime Minister of independent India, Jawaharlal Nehru, described Gandhi’s advice to newlyweds to stay celibate for the sake of their souls.

3 He was responsible for a division

He had a major part in the division of India. He supported Jinnah during the partition and made a separate Country for him

4Gandhi supported Britain during the First World War and, as late as 1918, joined a government campaign for Indians to volunteer for the British Army.

He  supported British people to send Indians in the first world war

  1. It was not just the Hindu brigade that quarreled with him but so did Muhammad Ali Jinnah, Annie Besant, Aurobindo, Ambedkar others

During the war, many were against Gandhi during the war. The people never supported him in the war and created.

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