Delhi safe if you play safe, say foreigners

Delhi safe if you play safe, say foreigners

Question in today’s mind is that is Delhi still the unsafe country for women? Is it more unsafe than afganistan and Syria? The thing is it is overhyped situation Thomson Reuters survey based on the perceptions of 548 experts, which put India on top of such a list for its sexual violence and trafficking.

How womnen from other countries feel in India?what is there experience for the country “Delhi has never felt especially unsafe to me,” says Saruul Buyan, a student at Miranda House in Delhi University, who says the perception of extreme danger is overblown. “Of course, it depends on a woman’s own good sense to stay safe. I may be less confident to go out at night than in the daytime. But the only bad experience I have had is unfriendly taxi drivers”. She decries practices like dowry (Mongolia has a bride price system) that devalues women, but then again, “more women in India have the advantage of education, which makes them harder to exploit”.

Mehjabeen Sarfaraz (name changed on request), a Pakistani student at South Asian University, has a stronger response. “I want to say that those who claimed India is worse off than Afghanistan have no idea about other places. Even in Karachi, where I’m from, you try traveling alone in an auto with a lot of jewellery, or talking on your phone. It would be snatched immediately”. She says that in India, she has never had a problem moving freely, and that auto drivers have been polite and reliable, even when she travels at night, and even in “ghost towns” like Gurugram.

“I would never feel the need to do that in France, or Chile where I have also lived. One can feel free at night, can walk on the streets without feeling uneasy.” French National 43-year-old French national Paulina Lopez She never wears tight cloths or travel at night “But they were only being kind and helpful, and I thought, why not trust these men?”

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