9,000 Delhi Metro staff threatens strike from June 30

9,000 Delhi Metro staff threatens strike from June 30


Delhi Metro might be staring at a shutdown of services from June 30with its 9,000-strong workforce of non-executive employees threatening to go on a strike.

The Delhi metro rail corporation(DMRC) has been facing an issue the employees working in DMRC are taking part in the sit protest. The NON Executive staff The non-executive workforce, such as train operators, station controllers, technicians, operations staff, maintenance staff, etc play a great role in functioning of Delhi metro.

This same thing had happened in last year. The staff went on the strike in the month of July 2017 crisis was averted at the last moment after the DMRC management and staff council came to an agreement following a series of meetings.

The non executive staff employees have said the promises made in the past july were not kept by the DMRC management. The primary demand of non-executive employees remain the same as last year, a revision of salaries and pay grades and payment of arrears, apart from other demands, such as the right to form a union and fixed guidelines for sacking an employee only in extreme conditions.

“People are stuck in the same pay grade for 10 years, while earlier a promotion was provided after every five years, subject to satisfactory service record,” said Mahaveer Prasad, general secretary, DMRC employees union.

Prasad said that it was promised that the grade of Rs 13,500-25,520 will be merged with the grade of Rs 14,000-26,950, but that hasn’t happened. The employees are also demanding a higher apex level of pay grade for non-executive employees at Rs 20,600-46,500.

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