WhatsApp competitor Telegram brings several new features on Android and iOS apps

WhatsApp competitor Telegram brings several new features on Android and iOS apps

The whats app competitor have brought a new update with the new features .These new features can be seen with the Android app version 4.8.10 and iOS app version 4.8.3.

As a part of the new version, you can now replace the correct version of the wrong image or videos that are sent by an accident to someone. The app already had the feature to delete media for everyone. You can simply start editing the message and then tap on the paperclip button to replace the attached media. You can also add captions to photos or videos.


A nifty little feature has been added for voice messages as well. It is possible to switch to 2x playback in case you want to finish off hearing those long voice messages quickly. “We‘ve spent a few extra hours to ensure that your friends don’t sound like Helium-breathing chipmunks as a result. Well, most of the times,” says the firm.

Android users are getting few extra goodies with the new version. They can now tap and hold on the profile picture in the chat list to preview chats. They can also use the ‘create links’ option in the formatting menu to make text URLs. Lastly, they can now cancel the sending messages before they are sent.

Tax dept offers instant e-PAN based on Aadhaar

Tax dept offers instant e-PAN based on Aadhaar

On Friday the tax department launched a facility of e-pan on real time basis. This will help the tax payers to avail the instant permanent account number for free without any hassle. This facility is available for the Indian residents and not available for the HUF (Hindu undivided family),firms ,comanyies etc. It is available on first come first serve basis and valid for all Adhar card holders.

The best part of the full process is you do not need  a single document submission all the documents will be taken from the adhar card.So need to make sure that all the details are present in the adhar card are updated.

After the updation and otp will be generated for the ekyc.  You will need to upload a scanned copy of your signature on a white paper with the specifications given on the income tax website. After filing the application, a 15-digit acknowledgement number will be generated and sent to your mobile number/ email mentioned in the application form.

“Thanks to the elevated use of technology and digitisation adopted by the government in the tax department, it is now resulting in truly convenient and paperless interface with tax payers. One may expect more of such initiatives in the coming days, which will make the life of tax payers more easy for managing their tax affairs,” said Kuldip Kumar, partner & leader, personal tax at consulting firm PwC India.

What is sattu? 12 reasons why it is the new superfood

What is sattu? 12 reasons why it is the new superfood

How to make sattu?

Called the ‘Poor man’s protein’,sattu is the latest food which is steadily gaining popularity. Thanks to Bihar, Jharkhand, West Bengal and Uttar Pradesh, this underrated food ingredient has received the much deserving recognition in the recent times. It is basically a flour-like ingredient that is high in nutrients and is often called the powerhouse of energy.

Varieties of sattu

Though it is readily available in the market, you can also easily make it at home. All you need to do is to roast the gram (chana) in a wok. Allow it to cool, then finely grind the roasted chana with the help of a grinder. Your homemade sattu is ready to use. You may or may not remove the husk.

How to use sattu?

What earlier belonged to a few states, is now a famous and exotic food ingredient that is easily available even in supermarkets. Sattu is now available in different forms that include wheat, barley or sorghum (jowar). All these variations have a certain percentage of the roasted gram in it.

Ancient traces

High on insoluble Fibre and all other essential nutrients, it is considered a wholesome meal. Workers and farmers prefer  sattu

porridge (made with sattu , onion, mustard oil, salt, and green chilli) as their mid-day meal that not only keeps them full for longer but also provides instant energy to work under direct sunlight and helps prevent lethargy.

After triple talaq, Centre targets nikah halala and polygamy

After triple talaq, Centre targets nikah halala and polygamy

The center after evading the evils of triple talaq is now focused on to “nikah halala”. The center wants them to remove the long practiced evil in the Muslim society known as nikah halal. Center wish to declare this practice as unconstitutional.

Nikah halala is a practice in which forbids a divorced couple from remarrying until the women marry another man and then get divorced again only then a remarriage can happen. This practice of nikah halala is to consider retrograde and anti-women by women activist. Women activist have also signed a petition regarding this topic

The supreme court has agreed on this petition and has forwarded it to the center and the law ministry. The Supreme court had also directed the Centre to respond to the plea seeking to declare the provisions of Muslim Personal Law (Shariat) which validate the practice of polygamy and nikah halala as unconstitutional.

The Bhartiya Muslim Mahila Andolan(BMMA) has also signed the petition and is ready to contribute towards the cause. Zakia Soman of BMMA said “We are seeking a comprehensive law regulating all aspects of marriage and family by a Quranic-based law that complies with the Constitution too. We want halala to be a criminal offense and polygamy to be illegal. We believe the Quran doesn’t permit polygamy in today’s context. We are seeking legal protection like that for Hindu and Christian women.”

ASTROLOGY 30/6/2018




March 21 – April 20

All that matters to you is friendship You have developed support for your friends .One of your friends you love is in a difficult situation and you are unable to help them .So just tell them you are always there for them


April 21 – May 21

Your relationship is an imbalance mode. You fell there is lesser attention given to you and believe that you deserve more in life The give and take has become all giving for you lately, and you deserve to see them make efforts on your behalf.


May 22 – June 21

There are more things coming up in your life . This is a welcome intrigue to you right now — your mind is sharp and looking for stimulation


June 22 – July 22

Interference by someone will help you. Someone will help you a lot they are waiting for you. You just need to send a email or a phone call will be great for you.


July 23 – August 23

Conclude your area of interest. Your creativity is at maximum peak. Take care of the incentives you have  push forward your boundaries and do something new


August 24 – September 22

Choice of direction is to be made today .You have to think about the way you wish to go in life. Think and take action And use the solid luck you have today


September 23 – October 23

You will be proud off yourself . Think about the things you have done in your life implement your goals of life. Put your needs behind the needs of others. You will help create more balance in the universe, and you’ll give yourself something else to be proud of.


October 24 – November 22

Think about your goals of life measure the performance you have made so far. You will feel good about the things. You will also alter your targets as per your needs


November 23 – December 21

Inconvince might be there in your head but this inconvince is for your own good. Take a camera along with you It will surely help you a lot


December 22 – January 20

Remind yourself of who you are think about what you want to be . Your insecurities might be there think a bout the goals of life and implement them


January 21 – February 18

There’s no need to candy-coat your thoughts, everyone is prepared for the bitter truth, and they’re grateful to you for dispensing it. Certain things just aren’t up to snuff, and if you aren’t completely satisfied with the quality of what you’re shown, speak up! Don’t settle for anything less than you deserve.


February 19 – March 20

You need to implement the art of not doing anything. Its time for some relaxation after hustling to much occupy yourself with light work don’t take to much of work today

5 Faces of India’s water crisis

5 Faces of India’s water crisis

India is facing highest water depletion rate

India among all the nations of the world is facing the highest amount of water depletion rate till now. The water level are reducing due to many reasons such as over use, Increase in temperature and many more

Overall water level is falling

The overall water level is falling in the world there is continuous change in the temperature resulting into the overall water level change. There are external factor involved in water level fall

There is rising temperature in the environment

Due to global warming there is switch or an increase in the temperature of earth so therefore there is also a decrease in the water level. Due  to the rising temperature there is dcrease in water level

The monsoon is getting hotter and dryer

High level of water decrease in the north and central India

‘Jews in Gujarat will get minority status’

‘Jews in Gujarat will get minority status’

small Bene Israeli community in Gujarat is now declared as a minority by the chief minister Vijay Rupani of gujrat. He announced it during the meeting with Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu during his 10-day visit to Israel, thus fulfilling a long-pending demand of the community in the state.

Now reduced to a handful, there are only168 members of the community in Gujarat of which 140-odd members, who are settled in Ahmedabad, gathered at the Magen Abraham synagogue in the Walled City.

The Jewish population in Gujarat is so minuscule that they didn’t even figure separately in the Census 2011, and were just mentioned as part of 16,480 ‘other communities’ in the state.

Aviv Divekar, secretary of the Magen Abraham Synagogue, said that it is truly a landmark moment for the community. “Apart from anything else, the status would ensure their property rights to the community. While the synagogue has been provided security, many of the properties related to the community need care,” he said.

Sahitya Akademi winner Esther David said, “It was a long-pending demand. The announcement recognizing the small Jewish community goes a long way in not only making us feel safer, but that our presence has been recognized as a minority in the country.”


Divekar said that they had met Gujarat CM Vijay Rupani at his office during the last session of state assembly and had represented their case. “Ahmedabad at the moment has 140 members of Jewish community whereas Gujarat has 170,” he said.

Apple secures ‘big win’ on iPhone camera

Apple secures ‘big win’ on iPhone camera

Aplle has always claimed that apple iphone camera is best in the industry. Iphone manufactrure recently put an advertisement on youtube saying that there camera quality can be used for the industry purpose. In the video the Cupertino based-tech firm claimed that the device can take ‘Studio Quality portraits’ shots of people. Two complainants however, thought that the advertisement was misleading as mentioned in the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) website. But now, the smartphone maker has received a green chit.

ASA said that apple can term there iphone x as ‘Studio quality portraits’ while advertising there leading iphone x. The Cupertino-based tech firm argued that “The 50 mm focal lens in the iPhone X was one of the most popular professional studio portrait lenses and the lighting options available on the phone mimicked what could be done in a studio.”

The Advertising Standard Authority commented that “We recognised that there were many effects, techniques and tools used in studio photography which played a vital role in capturing high standard images, many of which were not available to someone solely using the iPhone X. However, we recognised the emphasis was placed on the significance of the lighting effects on achieving the quality of image the ad demonstrated, and we understood that those images shown were a true reflection of the capabilities of the iPhone X’s camera.”

With this apple has commented that there is no industry standard definition of “Studio-quality” portraits and believed the term to be subjective.

ASA investigated the ad under three BCAP Code rules – 3.1 (Misleading advertising), 3.9 (Substantiation) and 3.12 (Exaggeration). None of this was breached by the Apple iPhone X ad.

Your city has less than 1 tree per person

Your city has less than 1 tree per person

The trees scattered along the avenues have declined since 2005. The protests against tree felling for the redevelopment of seven south Delhi colonies may reflect the prevailing popular anxiety, but tree cover in the city went down from 123 sq km in 2009 to 111 sq km in 2015, before rising to 113 sq km in 2017, according to the Forest Survey of India’s State of Forest

The capital’s per capita tree cover stands at an abysmal 0.002 hectare. The Forest Survey of India (FSI) puts Delhi’s per capita tree availability at 0.3, or less than one tree per personAnd while forest and tree covers cannot be directly compared, Russia’s per capita forest cover of 5.58 ha, Brazil’s 2.37 ha and United States’ 0.96 ha are suggestive of these cities being in a better situation. Forest cover in Delhi has gone up marginally since 2005.

FSI reports are based on data from two years prior to their publication. These, therefore, suggest that the loss in the city’s tree cover has taken place mainly in the 2005-15 decade.

“Tree cover should be increasing in cities. It can be dynamic because these are not protected forests,” explained Prakash Lakhchaura of FSI. “There can be some change due to infrastructure projects, but the overall trend should be of a rise in tree cover.”

“Trees are excellent trappers of dust and carbon dioxide. Trees and vegetation are also crucial to minimise the impact of heat island effect, which not only increases local temperature but also causes a rise in emission of secondary pollutants like ozone,” said Anumita Roy Chowdhury, executive director, Centre for Science and Environment.

“I have even seen the forest department planting champa, pongamia, royal palm and bougainvillea. These are not even trees. You need canopied trees to fight pollution,” said C R Babu, professor emeritus, Centre for Environmental Management of Degraded Ecosystems. “Yes, the forest department has created a city forest and some wooded lots, but it should focus on native species.”